NOTE If an OM cradle is errantly configured as a Slave but not connected to a network, it may not be able to receive further commands from the gun. Up to 4 advanced code management formats can be defined and saved in memory. Stand Alone Layouts Time Stamping Format Position the cradle on the base by sliding it along the mounting tabs until aligned. Read the desired Enable Network code.

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This command is not effective with Pen emulation interface. This parameter can be used to automatically end data reception from the Host after the specified period of time. In Two-way mode, after transmitting each code, the gun waits for the Host answer message to be shown on the display.

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At system power-up, the Master searches for and initializes all the Slaves found in the valid address range. Then place it onto the master OMX0 cradle.

In addition the cradle must be connected to an external power supply. Keyboard setting consists of communicating to the device how to send data corresponding to the keyboard used in the application.

Up to 4 advanced code management formats can be defined and saved in memory. The Master header and terminator default values are as follows depending on the interface selection towards the Host: Exit and Save configuration Character sequence in following tables Enter configuration environment Example: In this case radio communication is not suspended and transmission is attempted after each code read.


Position the base on the table and affix it by means of the screws not provided.

Proceed with the firmware upgrade see the Downloader utility help on-line for details. The maximum code length for all codes is 99 characters: It is not possible to disable conversion.

For each format you must complete the entire configuration procedure: Normally the Host supplies sufficient power to the device and the start-up phase ends correctly. About characters can be collected buffer fullafter which the reader signals an error and discards any further codes until the transmission is restored. All readers must have different addresses.

If your programming string goes over this value, you must split it into separate groups and send each group after a delay of at least 3 seconds to give the reader time to empty the buffer and interpret the commands. Pull the rubber boot towards the connector until it covers and is flush with the connector moulding. Slaves successively powered will not be recognized by the system even if their address is in the specified range.

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To rapidly configure your point-to-point application: Windows 98 and later Mac OS 8. C Hex And Numeric Table During this phase the yellow LED on the Master cradle blinks. The slave reader signals the end of the procedure with a series of beeps.


When this method is used, the programming sequence format is dragob following: Radio Parameters m Series Only No part of the contents of this documentation or the procedures described therein may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written per-mission of Datalogic Scanning, Inc.

In One-Way tx mode, neither Host nor cradle responds to the reader.

Datalogic Dragon D131 Manuals

To configure your reader: The Reader Address Stamping and the Cradle Address Stamping parameters consist of a 4-digit number in the range to The reader is dedicated to the cradle. For M-series readers, normally this results in two beeps; the first indicates that the reader has decoded the code, the second indicates whether OMX0 has received the data. If in your application there is some chance of reading a 1-char barcode identical to KeyID, the way you can distinguish between the two is to enable the Code ID: For example, defining 2 formats where: