First select the Model Name or Number of your device. Added firmware BS14 1. I’m proud to announce you XVI is now working on the Toshiba drives. Added an older firmware 1. The only way to make these new dvd-rom players region free is through a firmware update — if one exists and even then you probably will be able to change the firmware only a maximum of five times.

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It should works with all the RPC-2 drives.

The recommended one actually is the ASUS drive who is fast and region free. See you soon everybody!!!

Ltn-4891s drivers download

About the guys who copied my site, i prefer now ignore them I have inserted the correct one now. Added a banner for the RPC-2 drives ptn. DVD manufacturers look like to have bad luck with the locked 48s, lots of them come back from unhappy customers. If you got them mail me. He opened a new page at http: Look on the DVD page for more infos.


They are actually untested. I have not installed the burner max firmware, but this is on the list of compatible drives.

LiteOn LTN-486 (48x) CD-ROM Firmware YH0X free download

They say the Eraser contained Pioneer copyrighted code, but it’s not true. Aztech unidad messages driver Firmware slot types: The file contain a modified Toshiba flash utility for allowing the counter reset. The Creative driver is always available on the Creative site. If the Eraser don’t work, try a latest firmware update It’s my Xmas present!!! Added firmware for the Toshiba SD-M This page will have big changes tomorrow.

Ltns hardware drivers. Get ltns drivers download

Need testers with a Combo drive Matshita CW!! You can now also find this page at www. If you got one of these drives, please contact me. Some interresting files should arrive soon. All dead links should are back now!

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They are actually untested and we are waiting for your results. John Johnson provided a patched version liteo the Samsung flash utility.


Thanks to dave Van Olphen who point to me this interresting feature.

The firmware update Ver. In fact, upon first insertion of DVD-Video disc it reports as region free, after insertion it becomes region locked.

New firmware for the Traxdata Pro 5. Currently, Apple shipped or ships 3 models of combo. Program sources are also include. The firmware has been tested and it works great! Actually untested as usual.