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Your name or email address: I just uninstalled the driver that was on PC same one downloadable from EG’s x10 wiki page and reverted to an old one I had backed up on my PC.

To simplify things, first, make a folder from which you store all of the instructions for controlling the program. Now eventghpst Finish on the last page.

What you need is requirements: The latter file will be recreated automatically. The events are simply listed on the logger as with the IR. It can also be used to call macros but keeping all you commands in one folder makes trouble shooting easier.

I then programmed in the directional keys. There are many solutions today eventthost giving you control of both your PC and the remaining elements of your living room.


X10 Remotes

The choices are all up to you. Will luckily I have a few of these around. The software for this remote was very resource heavy and the main reason I was searching for an alternative program. Drag and drop the entry from the log and onto the wake on lan action. For me, that pause is not long enough so it fails with the log below.

The downside is pretty obvious. Right click this entry to open the context menu and choose Uninstall.

Melloware Forums • View topic – [SOLVED] EventGhost Plugin doesn’t start >:(

The speed of the cursor slowly ramps up the longer the button is pressed. Now add a new action.

Restart again, same problem. Views Read View source View history. Right now it seems to search for the X10 for about 5 seconds.

restart event ghost, “no x10 receiver found” – EventGhost

In this review, I will test two IR emitters attached with a stereo splitter. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. We’d really appreciate it! Start Notice the change from 20 to Instead you should invest in a spare USB x10 receiver unit, just buy an extra remote. Choose Install from a list or specific location Advanced and press Next.


The forum is extremely helpful and also prompt with answers. The IR emitters I will test have a reach of 10 feet. Eventghoxt have long since searched for the ultimate of HTPC building: On the left side you now see a manufacturer list. An exclusive grants a particular macro or folder exclusive rights to be currently in control or active.

EventGhost is a very interesting program. There is hope for you yet. Enter the MAC adresse of the destination network card.

Many places offer niche evengghost that are set up to control certain applications on a computer or record and emit a limited number of IR codes.