By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Our web site contains many tech support related articles and all of our latest printer drivers. Enter text from picture: Saving Print Files laserwriter 8 Selecting the File button in the Destination area of the Print dialog box enables you to save print data to a file. This document is intended to provide instructions for downloading and installing.

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Configuring A Desktop Printer Search. Therefore, the Startup disk must contain free space equal to the size of msc document or you will receive an error.

GCC Technologies Elite 12/600 Manuals

This file is a self-extracting. Choosing A Location For The Printer Choosing a location for the printer Choosing a location for the printer Place the Elite XL on a flat, level surface in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and areas where the air temperature and humidity can vary.

Setting Up The Elite 12ppm Tray 2 and for 16ppm models a third tray, named Tray 3; these selections will be dimmed if you do not have the appropriate optional lower sheet feeder installed. On-line services GCC maintains a presence on the on-line services listed below.

Advanced Options The Resolution menu allows you to choose the output resolution in dots per inch. Tray 1 causes paper to be drawn from the tray that is currently inserted directly into the Elite XL.


Printing problem – GCC Elite 12/ – Apple Community

Table of contents Table Of Contents Not all printer- specific options will be available e. A directory dialog box appears. Page setup panel icons appear in a scroll box on the left side of the Page Setup dialog box.

All Elite XL printers may also be upgraded to allow for the installation of an internal hard drive. You should download your normal font set and then perform the procedure. Page 8 Selecting a Shared Printer This section briefly describes the steps for setting up client access to a shared printer. Paper Sizes — This pop-up menu enables you to select the page sizes that will be displayed in the Paper menu of the Page Setup dialog box.

The Wlite Page The available resolutions will depend on the Elite XL printer model being used. For longer paper the tray can be extended. Plug the power cord into the socket located on the back of the printer then plug the cord into the wall outlet.

Paper Feed enables you to choose the paper source. Driver problem or what? Selecting Page Setup within your application will bring up a dialog box similar to this: Page To use LaserWriter 8: Printing to a different Clicking OK or pressing the Return or Enter key will confirm the options that you select.


Port Assignment – Windows 3.


The Elite XL is capable of receiving binary data, but only through network interfaces e. Anyway, if no one posts an answer by tomorrow I’ll fire up the Elite and see if I can get it to work with my MBP. Macintosh System Crashes Print tolerance specifications Skew – 2. Initializing An External Hard Disk If enabled, the Elite XL prints from another paper wlite when the paper tray specified by the print job is empty or has the wrong size paper. Resident Postscript Fonts Parallel Appendix F Interface connections and pinouts Use the following pinouts bcc descriptions of the various Elite XL interface connectors if you need to purchase or make a new cable.